The Cast

The Lead

Portia Blackwood – A surgeon at a hospital in downtown Ottawa and Sidhe Ambassador to the Kindred

The Allies

Bartholemew ‘Barry’ Senatore aka Scratch – A Fae-blessed Nosferatu Information Broker
Dorian Clarke – The Tremere Primogen Keane’s Childe and Owner of the Hungry Eye
Keeper Enlai Takehiko – The Brujah Keeper of Elysium
Prince-Regent Gideon ‘Gid’ Wolfe – An English Ventrue serving as the Prince-Regent of Ottawa
Sheriff Heinrich Strank – The Brujah Primogen & Sheriff; Owner of Barrymore’s
Primogen ‘Father’ Riordan Keane – The current Primogen of the Tremere and Dorian Clarke’s Sire
Duke Ronan Slaine – The Unseelie Sidhe Duke of Rubezhal and Portia’s mentor
Court Harpy Scarlett Hughes – The Toreador Primogen, Court Harpy, manager of the National Art Gallery

The Enemies

Jackie Weaver, Sidhe – Possessed by Rohidiel
Jeffrey ‘Jeff’ Mason – A recently embraced Tzmisce, in league with Vladimir Stephanovich
Mario “Corleo” Giovanni – The Patriarch of the Ottawa Giovanni
Archbishop Vladimir ‘Vlad’ Stephanovich – The power behind the Tzimisce in Hull

The Others

Detective Derryl Spade – A determined investigator looking into the disappearance of Jackie Weaver
Selai Takehiko – Enlai’s sister, gifted with powers of Aura Perception

The Deceased or Otherwise Incapacitated

Dr. Moriarty MoreauDeceased
Prince Angelo BorgiasIndisposed
Martin, university student of Anthropology – Deceased?
Sophia, childe of Dr. Moreau – Deceased

The Cast

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