Capital Intrigue

Part Five: Princely Investigations
"What the HELL are you on?"

Portia awoke in Gideon’s room at the Chateau de Laurier to find it empty with the exception of a note on the pillow beside her own, admonishing her to “Stay Alive.” She pocketed the note and gathered her things, returning to her apartment and preparing for work after a session of sword practice. At work, there are several serious burn injuries and fatalities incurred due to smoke inhalation. Though she treated them as best she could, many were beyond saving. When her shift ended, she went home and switched on the television to watch the news. In addition to the regular reports of violence erupting just at the border of Hull and Ottawa, there was a report of a fire being started at St. Matthias’ Church – undoubtedly the cause of the greater numbers of ER victims. As she watched, her phone chirruped with a text. Portia checked the anonymous message, which simply ordered her to go downstairs to a waiting car.

Part Four: Playing at Politics
"I wouldn't dance with that one... She can be hazardous to your health."

Late that night, after going to sleep after work, Portia was awakened by a quiet scratching at the window, like tree branches brushing up against the glass. Taking the stake from her bedside and the flashlight from the duffel bag at the foot of her bed, she attempted to turn on the light – no such luck. She headed towards the kitchen, but on the way noticed that the front door was open just a little bit.

Scene Three: Presents
"It is the least I can do for such a... promising new customer."

The next day, she gives Ronan, the Duke, a call. For once, he actually answers (albeit in the middle of a party.) He has a charming Irish accent and seems very good natured, even pleased to hear from her, though it’s clear he’s not taking her worries seriously at all.

Scene Two: The Ward of Dr. Moreau
"My name is Gideon. Gideon Wolfe."

At around 5:30 p.m., Portia grabs her duffel bag and returns to work at the hospital’s emergency room. For the most part, it’s business as usual, with patients arriving in erratic bursts. Early in the evening, a seven year old little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes is wheeled in, bleeding profusely from a neck wound. Acting quickly, Portia manages to stem the bleeding, which had continued despite the efforts of the EMTs. Despite this, the child’s vital signs continue to wane, with no observable reason why. Their eyes meet and the little girl chokes out, “The Prince… it was the Prince!”

Scene One: Knock Knock

Mood playlist:

At around two in the morning, Portia Blackwood finished with her night shift in the emergency room and made her way home. Once there, she began to make a stir-fry as rain pounded on her windows. As the minutes passed, a deeply unsettling feeling grew in her gut, invoking a strong urge to defend herself or run.


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