Vladimir Stephanovich

The Power Behind the Tzmisce in Hull


Formerly known to Portia as the strange owner of New Dubrovnik, Vlad cast himself in the role of somewhat benevolent outsider, gifting her with a Tzmisce first edition of Dracula, an elaborately jeweled Celtic longsword (later revealed to have belonged to the former Queen of the Fae), as well as with warnings to leave Ottawa if she could. Events transpired to reveal him to be not only the head of the local Tzmisce, but also in league with Dr. Moreau, attempting to breach the barrier into the Dreaming to acquire its power to use against the impending days of Gehenna. Dr. Moreau’s betrayal and madness has brought the world one step closer to doomsday and although Vladimir Stephanovich has not been seen since the event, his minions still carry out his orders in pursuit of some as-yet unrevealed plan.

While the search for Dr. Moreau was still underway, for reasons that are still unclear, Vlad kidnapped and Embraced a mortal man who had been flirting with Portia in a bar, known only by the name of Jeffrey Mason, and attempted to use him in an apparent effort to extract information on the investigation from her.


Vladimir Stephanovich

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