Ronan Slaine

The Unseelie Sidhe Duke of Rubezhal and Portia’s mentor


The relationship between Ronan and Portia can be described as chaotic, at best. The two originally met when she was rescued from a mental hospital in the middle of her Chrysalis. Taking on the responsibility of her Faerie education, the two also engaged in a passionately destructive love affair, leaving a great deal of property damage and heartbreak in their wake. This continued for a few years, even through Portia’s medical school and the beginning of her residency, and would presumably have maintained its fever-pitch had he not abruptly extracted severe oaths from her and sent her, indebted, to do his bidding in Ottawa. Almost immediately, their relationship took a turn for the bitter and manipulative: Portia resenting his sudden manipulative assertion of control and tricks, and Ronan angered by her perpetual jabs and stubborn unforgiveness.

This situation was further exacerbated by his seeming lack of concern for her well-being, happiness, and desires, instead opting to force her to follow his orders whenever there was any dispute. Additionally, Ronan forbade her from seeking out the company and tutelage of other Fae, essentially stranding her from all others of her own kind… at least until he showed up in Ottawa himself, proving on multiple occasions that his absence hadn’t meant a lack of attention or care. Ronan did come to her rescue when Dr. Moreau and Vladimir Stephanovich enacted the ritual to break into the Dreaming and has since agreed to resume her magical lessons. After her encounter with the alternate reality wherein his future self sacrificed his life to save her own, Portia finally relinquished her grudge and the two seem to have begun the process of reconciliation, even accounting for the continuing clashes of wills.

He is also the subject of a millenia-old grudge held by the Tremere Dorian Clarke, who seems convinced that Ronan was responsible for having him sired on the night he was to marry the Faerie Queen.


Unseelie Sidhe Duke of House Fiona
Wilder: Appears to be 24
Unseelie Legacy: Peacock
Seelie Legacy: Prankster

Birthrights: See Portia’s sheet.

Willpower: 5
Glamour: 10t/10p
Banality: 3

Social: (7)
Charisma - 4
Manipulation - 3
Appearance - 3(5)

Mental: (5)
Perception - 3
Intelligence - 3
Wits - 4

Physical: (3+1)
Strength - 3
Dexterity - 3
Stamina - 2

Talents: (13+3)
Alertness - 3
Brawl - 3
Dodge - 3
Empathy - 2
Persuasion - 4
Subterfuge - 3

Skills: (9)
Melee - 4
Performance - 2
Security - 2
Stealth - 1

Gremayre - 4
Law - 3
Lore - 3 (Kindred & Changeling)

Holdings - 5 (A Dukedom in the Dreaming)
Resources - 2 ($1,200 monthly, $8,000 liquidatable)
Title - 5 (Duke)

Animal Magnetism (1)(-2 difficulty on seduction & subterfuge rolls)
Ambidextrous (1)
Danger sense (2)
Faerie Eternity (2)
Mansion (3)(Also counts as the freehold)

Intolerance: People who invoke his jealousy (-1)
Overconfident (-1)
Sadist (-2)(Must make a willpower roll at 5 to stop combat, modified depending on how involved he is in the attack and how much he is enjoying hurting the other person.)
Echoes (-2)(Salt thrown over a mortal’s shoulder for good luck protects them from his cantrips. Any mortal knowing his full name can command 3 tasks of him, which he must accomplish before being freed. However, he only has to accomplish the exact wording.)

Arts: (3+2)
Aphrodisia – (On Blood-dimmed Tides)

Chronos – (Shining Host, p. 78)
Dream Time

Contempt – (Shadow Court, p. 80)
Devil’s Advocate

Delusion – (Shadow Court, p. 84)
Mists of Memory
Depths of Will

Dreamcraft – (Dreams & Nightmares, p. 126)
Find the Silver Path
The Merry Dance
Dream Weaving

Metamorphosis – (Fool’s Luck, p. 77)
Hidden Form (camouflage)
Impersonate (disguise self as another person)

Skycraft – (Blood-dimmed Tides, p. 80)
Dark Sky

Soothsay – (Core)

Sovereign – (Core)
Geas (or Ban)

Wayfare – (Core)
Flicker Flash

Realms: (5+1)
Fae: 5 (Anything of Glamour)
Actor: 5 (Dire Enemy)
Scene: 4 (Park Size)
Time: 3 (Delay of a Day)

He is the Duke of Rubezhal, an underground domain that is practically a world all its own – extremely hedonistic, but ultimately unfulfilling. (Dreams & Nightmares, p. 78.) This is his official domain, his home turf where he has the most power. The right of hospitality only lasts 3 days and only extends to invited guests, and he is a master of conjuring illusions to create a perfect lotus island for said guests, which easily would make most forget how long they’ve been visiting – at which point he has free reign to demand wild boons of them OR take retribution as he sees fit, depending on how useful he sees the person in question (or how much he dislikes them.)

Ronan Slaine

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