Barry (Scratch)

A Fae-blessed Nosferatu Information Broker


Also known as Bartholemew and Scratch.

Initially assigned to be Portia’s shadow and report her activities back to his clan, Scratch revealed himself one night for a seemingly idle chat. During the course of the conversation, he discovered Portia’s Tzmisce copy of the first edition of Dracula and threatened to take the information back to the Camarilla, unless she gave him a reason not to do so. She bribed him with some of her own blood, which caused him to experience an intense, magical high. Later, he returned to demand more, claiming to have seen himself as beautiful as he had been when he was alive. In exchange for keeping the secret of her Faerie nature, Portia agreed to give him weekly doses of her blood – which did, in fact, cause his appearance to change while the magical effects lingered in his system. Eventually, the two grew closer and Portia took him willingly into the Dreaming on multiple occasions, finally striking a deal with Duke Slaine that Scratch would have his human looks around Portia and anyone she had kissed full on the lips.

Deeply insecure from centuries of living the life of a Nosferatu, Barry’s love for Portia is both intense and intensely possessive, a thing which is not eased by her natural inclinations as a Faerie. Only recently has the Nosferatu clan come to grudgingly accept his relationship with someone who is not Kindred or Ghoul, though many hurdles still lie ahead if the two are to discover any sort of peace together.


Generation: 10th
Nature: Bon Vivant
Demeanor: Fatalist

Blood Pool:

Perception –
Intelligence –
Wits –

Strength –
Dexterity –
Stamina –

Charisma –
Manipulation -
Appearance - 0( )

Alertness –
Brawl –
Dodge –
Empathy -
Expression –
Intimidation –
Streetwise -
Subterfuge -

Firearms –
Security -
Etiquette -
Melee -
Performance -
Stealth -
Survival –

Academics –
Computer -
Investigation –
Law –
Languages – (Italian)

Acute Sense: Hearing (1)
Catlike Balance (1)
Eat Food (1)
Eidetic Memory (2)
Faerie Affinity (2)
Nosferatu: Rugged bad looks (2)
Nosferatu: Sleep Unseen (2)
Silence (1)
Spy network (2)

Curiousity (-2)
Intolerance: Pretty Men (-1)
Low self-image (-2)
Obsession: Portia (-2)
Permanent Fangs (-3)
Vainglorious (-1)

Animalism –
Obfuscate - (Cannot make use of the level 3 power due to a mental block)
Potence –

Allies -
Generation -
Resources -
Status –

Conscience –
Self-control –
Courage –

Barry (Scratch)

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