Jeffrey Mason

A recently embraced Tzmisce, in league with Vladimir Stephanovich


When the investigation into Dr. Moreau’s terrible actions was still underway, Portia frequently relieved her stress by going dancing at local clubs. On one such occasion, she bumped into a young man from the local university (undeclared major) named Jeff. Though there were flirtations exchanged, ultimately some of his flubs lead her to opt out of a more heated and private encounter, instead helping him get started on wooing another one of the bar’s cute redheads. Satisfied with her good deed of the evening, Portia went home, only to receive a call the next day wherein he was being horribly tortured by the Tzmisce as a warning to her, should she dig any deeper into Moreau’s mysteries. She attempted to report Jeff’s kidnapping to the police, but the report was dismissed before it was filed and no official investigation has yet been performed.

A couple weeks passed with no word until Portia ventured once more to the clubs, this time chatting with a young Indian man by the name of Martin who was studying Anthropology, with a particular fondness for Celtic myths. This conversation was going a bit better than others had before and the dancing was fun – at least until a certain someone returned from the proverbial grave. Confronting Portia with the evidence of his demise (most notably his newfound abilities in the discipline of Visscitude) and her seeming lack of grief over the event, Jeff slew Martin and was attacked by one of the Prince’s men; the two of them vanished in the stampeding crowd that panicked at the gunfire and Portia was swept from the room in the tide of people. He was again assumed to be permanently dead.

This assumption was yet again proven false as he has appeared again and again in Portia’s path, sometimes doing Vladimir’s bidding, but sometimes showing up of his own accord and stalking her actions around the city. Undeath appears to have severely destabilized him and, though he seems to have no difficulty engaging in murder and violent acts, he claims being around Portia helps him to cling to what lingering scraps of humanity he has left, leaving her in a peculiar moral dilemma. Feeling responsible for his death, as she does, will the greater kindness be found in granting him a swift, true death or in attempting to help him escape his sire and the malicious influence of the Tzmisce?


Generation: 8th
Nature: Predator
Demeanor: Knave

Humanity: ~
Blood Pool:

~Currently undergoing a struggle with his sire to determine whether he will remain on the Path of Humanity or be turned to the Path of Metamorphosis, as most Tzmisce follow. Scores are subject to change based on the results of the situation.

Strength –
Dexterity –
Stamina –

Charisma –
Manipulation –
Appearance –

Perception –
Intelligence –
Wits –

Alertness –
Athletics – (Hockey)
Brawl –
Dodge –
Intimidation –
Streetwise –
Subterfuge –

Firearms –
Security –
Craft (Auto Repair) –
Craft (Flesh) –
Melee –
Drive –
Stealth –

Academics –
Computer –
Investigation –
Linguistics – (French)
Medicine –
Politics –
Finance –
Science –

Animalism – (Available for later learning)
Auspex –
Dementation –
Obfuscate – (Available for later learning)
Vicissitude –

Alternate Identity – (???)
Fame – (Hockey fans from Carleton U)
Generation –
Herd – (~7 people)
Mentor – (Vladimir Stephanovich)
Status –

Conscience –
Self-control –
Courage –

Acute sense: Vision (1)
Additional Discipline: Dementation (5)
Alternate Identity: ??? (3)
Early Riser (1)
Jack of All Trades (5)
Light Sleeper (2)
Misplaced Heart (2)
Nine Lives (6)
Strong Blood (5)
Tzmisce: Pain Tolerance (2)
Useful Knowledge: Modern advances, Portia (1)

Bound: Vladimir Stephanovich (-2)
Delusion: Cosmically Determined OTP (-1)
Flashbacks: Tortured before, during, and after Embrace (-6)
Impatient (-1)
Loathsome Regnant (-4)
Nightmares (-1)
Notoriety: Ottawa (-3)
Obsession: Portia (-2)
Poseidon’s Call (-1)
Poverty (-1)
Short Fuse (-2)

Jeffrey Mason

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