Gideon Wolfe

An English Ventrue Serving As the Prince-Regent of Ottawa


Initially posing as a recent addition to the hospital’s board of directors, Gideon and Portia had to work together to investigate Dr. Moreau’s disappearance, as well making the attempt to clean up the remnants of his catastrophic imitation of a psychiatric ward. Eventually, when the investigation took an inevitable turn for the strange, he was granted permission to bring Portia into the Masquerade, revealing himself as a Kindred of the Ventrue clan. By all reports, he is additionally a wealthy businessman with an addiction to philandering. He and Portia have been on a few dates and share a degree of affection in addition to the respect afforded from their business dealings. On occasion, he has called on her to assist with a matter that regards the Kindred that would be best handled by a neutral, anti-inflammatory party. Recently, he bestowed the title of Ambassador on her and officially notified the Kindred of the city of her race as well as decreeing that she was not to be harmed or embraced.

When it was revealed that the Malkavian childe of Dr. Moreau, Sophia, had been posing as the Prince’s bodyguard and steadily driving him mad, it was Gideon who lead the unveiling and Gideon who presented himself as the only contender to be the Prince’s regent while the Malkavian clan attempted to unravel the staggering damage dealt to Prince Borgias’ psyche. This power-play was supported by the Brujah, Toreador, Nosferatu, and Ventrue, though the other clans disagreed that he was of an appropriate age to fulfill the duties, even as Regent. The prognosis for the former Prince’s recovery is grim and the Nosferatu have since withdrawn their support not only from Gideon, but from the Camarilla itself as long as the city continues under the name of Prince Borgias’ rule, applying pressure to Gideon to make a proper bid for Prince himself.


Gideon Wolfe

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