Primogen Riordan Keane

The Current Primogen of the Tremere and Dorian Clarke's Sire


Hailing from the shores of Ireland over a millennium ago, Father Keane is a well-established and respected member of the Tremere clan, currently serving as its Primogen. Known in the mortal realm as the priest of St. Matthias’ Church (among others), it is assumed he also has a flock of faithful kine to whom he tends. Not one to mince words or indulge in unnecessary conversations, he is nevertheless reported to be capable of brewing the best tea in the world, as Portia has had the opportunity to sample on a few occasions. He is also reputed to be a man of his word, but endlessly shrewd and a devastatingly keen observer.

Nearly a full thousand years ago, likely around the time he Embraced Dorian Clarke, he had some dealings with the Fae and also possesses the journal of his mentor, who was even more deeply involved with their world. Portia offered to show him the Dreaming first-hand if he would show her the journal, but he declined, citing some mysterious ‘old grievance’ that he had committed against the Fae that could prove his undoing, should he return to their realms. Therefore, in exchange for assistance with research regarding Faerie magic involved in the ritual required to solve the rift in reality, he agreed to allow Portia to look through this journal; unfortunately, it is written entirely in Gaelic, a language with which she is unfamiliar. Though he translated, it was incomplete (at best) and left out several key details. When she learns the language for herself, he has seemed amenable to striking a new deal to permit her a second look at its contents.


Primogen Riordan Keane

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