Enlai Takehiko

The Brujah Keeper of Elysium


Lover of Heinrich and sibling to Selai, Enlai is perhaps one of the best-loved Kindred in the city. Graceful, thoughtful, and possessed of an aura of calm that permeates around him, he is frequently the balancing factor in the powerful trio of Brujah. Also a capable fighter and clear thinker, he is one of the most valued members of the Brujah clan. One of the first Kindred that Portia met in Ottawa, the two share a love of dancing and an understated friendship that nevertheless runs deep enough for either of them to run a rescue attempt when needed – although Enlai is so far the only one who has had the opportunity follow through on such a notion.

Recently appointed to be Keeper of Elysium by the Prince-Regent Gideon Wolfe, it is unlikely that there is a better qualified Kindred in the entire city, regardless of how others may grumble that they would have liked the honor for themselves.


Enlai Takehiko

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