Dr. Moreau

Malkavian Diablerist, recently imprisoned in the Dreaming


Formerly the Malkavian Primogen of Ottawa, Dr. Moreau was infamous for his… unsettling methods of running the hospital’s psychiatric ward. His disappearance was the reason for Portia’s arrival to Ottawa and investigation into his sordid affairs revealed not only a penchant for torturous experiments, but also an unsettling blood-lust that included not only mortals, but Changelings and fellow Kindred as well. Creating deals with the Tzmisce, Tremere, and the Fae, Dr. Moreau claimed to be able to ‘master madness’ and to have knowledge that would enable him to seize the power of the Dreaming and wield it to eradicate the threat of Gehenna. Unfortunately for all involved, the power was meant only for his own purposes. Diablerizing both the Tremere Primogen and a Tzmisce, as well as glutting himself on Faerie blood with the Tzmisce Cardinal, Vladimir Stephanovich, Dr. Moreau concocted a ritual to rend the veil that kept all realities apart. He did indeed find his way into the Dreaming, but betrayed Vlad and slew seven Changelings in the process, and immediately became a horrifying monster who spewed entropy from his very being, threatening the entire Dreaming with Eternal Winter.

Thanks to the swift actions of Jackie Weaver, both he and the unfortunate girl were sealed into a barely contained bubble pulsing with banality and madness, spawning from it nightmares and tortured souls. The wound in reality extends through every level, visible in the Dreaming, the Umbra, the Shadowlands, etc., and must be sealed if the world hopes to avoid spiraling into a terrible demise. Somehow, he has also recently managed to manifest apparitions outside of his makeshift prison, and has been attempting to cause further damage.


Dr. Moreau

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