Dorian Clarke

The Tremere Primogen Keane's Childe and Owner of the Hungry Eye


A new arrival to Ottawa, Dorian was recently awakened from torpor and has taken over the running of the city’s best-stocked occult shop, the Hungry Eye. Portia first met him with her parents while in search of books regarding magical theory as well as anything that she could find about Changelings, even much-distorted myth collections. Dorian recommended a book written in Gaelic and, upon Portia admitting she doesn’t understand the language, offered to tutor and translate. Dorian and Portia share an uncanny feeling of comfort and nostalgia around each other, feeling as though they had perhaps met before.

Portia has recently discovered that he bears an old, lingering grudge against her mentor, Ronan Slaine, believing him to be responsible for his Embrace over a thousand years ago – an act which took him from his lover, the Faerie Queen, on the night they were to marry. Rather than allow Dorian to take revenge without Ronan being aware of the danger, Portia brokered a deal for the two of them to meet on neutral territory with rules against violence set into place for the duration of the encounter. Despite her curiousity, she was not permitted to attend the meeting to see how matters were (or weren’t) resolved. The rumour mill indicates this meeting ended violently.


Dorian Clarke

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